Below, I share with you my story and why this course holds weight. But, if you are like me, you may want the cliff notes version. So here it is…

  • I was unhealthy.
  • I hit rock bottom…twice.
  • Found out I had SEVERE brain fog.
  • Finally committed and got rid of it.
  • I show you how to clear your brain fog and achieve complete mental clarity as an entrepreneur in this FREE course.


“Imagine not knowing you were color blind until you saw color for the first time.” 


Most people have brain fog and don’t even know it. That means chances are high that you have untapped mental potential.


In this course, you will learn the 3 keys to clearing up your brain fog. 


The brain is the ONE thing that stands between you and success. Most people don’t know how to use it. 


Clear up your foggy brain and achieve elite mental focus and clarity with these actionable insights and tactics.


Improve your mental energy and creativity to take your entrepreneurial pursuits to peak levels.



I grew up eating a traditional American diet consisting of pizza, burgers, unhealthy snacks and protein bars, processed foods, frozen foods, sodas and everything in-between.

Most nights after a long day, it was pizza around 9 – 10 pm.

I was in and out of the gym for years since I played baseball in High School and some in college, so lifting weights was always fairly easy and enjoyable.

I was fairly skinny and had very little excess fat around my belly. In college, I stopped playing sports to focus on school and have a “social life.”

This “social life” included drinking heavily 2-4 nights per week, staying up late, eating cheaply and lifting heavy.


Then, one day at age 19, I walked out into my living room and attempted to have a normal conversation with my roommate like I always did.


I began to struggle with every word and quickly found myself completely speechless and confused as to where I was and what I was doing.


I exited the awkward situation and went back to my room shocked and worried.


This was the beginning of a long uphill journey for me.

To make a long story short, after many doctor’s visits and tons of hopeless research, it was determined that I had severe brain fog.

Brain fog takes many different forms, has many different side effects and rarely has an obvious or easy fix.

There are no real diagnoses (especially at the time I realized I had it) and it’s often used as a term to broadly define lack of focus, low energy, and memory loss.

For me, it was much more than that.

From my experience, it was serious. It is a severe feeling of mental sluggishness that hinders your mind from performing at even mediocre levels.

It can lead to frustration, memory loss, depression, anxiety, extremely low levels of energy, and many other imbalances that have long-term effects.

In other words, it is kryptonite to an entrepreneur.



For the next few years (about 5), the fog was always there but would fluctuate in severity.

Most days I woke up tired, groggy, and out of it. Other days I couldn’t even get out of bed.

I constantly struggled with social situations and losing my train of thought was a common occurrence.

It felt as if I was stuck in a foggy bubble and couldn’t do anything about it.

At first, I thought I was the only one on the planet with this issue.

One doctor said it was ADHD, another said allergies. They recommended medications and specialty doctors, but nothing worked.

My frustration grew every day due to my lack of control. I remember having to give a speech in one of my business classes.

I had given speeches and presentations with ease prior to my brain fog.

The teacher asked me a simple question that I immediately had an answer to, as soon as I started to speak, the thought completely left my brain forever.

I said to the whole class… “Damn…I lost my train of thought.”

Embarrassing, to say the least!

It affected my entire life, everything from my mood to my relationships and my job. Something drastic needed to be done because I couldn’t live like this any longer!



I researched online every day to try and find a cure. I tried all of the obvious.

  • I got more sleep
  • I quit drinking
  • I exercised more
  • I ate “healthier”

 But it didn’t help, it actually felt like it was getting worse.

One day I finally stumbled across an article describing brain fog. At the time, I had never heard of it.

It was a sort of music to my ears since it sounded exactly like what I was suffering from.

I contacted the local doctor that knew of this brain fog thing. I remember asking, “So you have heard of brain fog, you can treat it?”

She said yes and I had never been more excited for a doctors visit in my life. 

After the consultation, she explained the in’s and out’s of brain fog and what I would need to do to get rid of it.

For the next few months, I saw her fairly frequently. She told me things like…

“Since everyone’s body is so different, so many things can cause brain fog for different people.” 


“Most people have some sort of brain fog and don’t even know it.”

I had tests done to see what my levels of different minerals that may play a part in my fog.

She asked that I be gluten-free 90% of the time and stick to about 30g of sugar per day (about an apple).

She told me not to drink alcohol and to basically live as healthy as possible.

This was all eye-opening for me and I was excited to start my healing process so I could back to living a normal life.



I was a 20-year-old college kid that liked to drink, party and eat pizza… what do you think happened?

Yeah, I went back to my ways after about 2 weeks of trying to be healthy.

I was then on and off of this healthy way of living for the next couple years.

I was eating a lot of gluten-free foods thinking this would help clear my fog.

Unfortunately, I was unaware of the fact that most of the gluten-free foods were still processed foods that were probably even worse for me than my previous diet…


I dug the hole even deeper.


I thought I was doing enough to make a difference, yet nothing helped.

I now felt even MORE hopeless and depressed as my brain fog was even worse than before.

Within the same year, I had my first two surgeries. One on my shoulder and another on my hand.

This inevitably decreased my activity and motivation. It also meant pain pills, which only helped fuel the brain fog fire.

This was by far the lowest time in my life. I had no one to turn to since no one understood what I was talking about when I tried to explain, not even most docs.

I aslo looked fairly normal from the outside, so everyone assumed I was fine. But inside, life was miserable.

Now, I know that there are tons of people out there (maybe even you) that have had it far worse than me.

But, this was my low, and this was also the beginning of a slow climb to elite health that I want to share with you regardless of where you stand.



I finally got fed up and realized that I had one life and I was going to do everything in my power to ensure I live it to the fullest

(I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s truly what went through my head..)

I decided to start from scratch. Clear the slate and start fresh.

I knew I needed to rebuild from the ground up since nothing else was working. I finally understood that nothing would happen overnight.

I had to work at it.

My brain fog was the result of years of unhealthy living and eating, it was essentially my body and mind telling me that I was not taking care of it and that something was off.

So in order to lift the fog, I needed to make this a long-term effort.

I knew diet was probably the main contributor, so I started there.

I eliminating the obvious:

  • Fast-food
  • Junk food
  • Sugary foods
  • Processed foods
  • Most breads and gluten

And anything else that seemed less than super-duper healthy.

I know this seems obvious, but actually doing it is the hard part, right..? 

Well, now that I had a strong why, and a compelling reason to stick to my goal, I was able to stay consistent for once in my life.

I used my why as an anchor to revert to whenever I got that voice in my head.

I then began to introduce different fog-lifting foods to my diet to see how my body reacted.

These brain-fueling foods started to slowly heal my body and my brain, and I began feeling the difference….for the first time in five years.

I kicked it into high gear and focused on doing some sort of exercise at least five days a week.

I made sleep my main priority and started reading and meditating more.

I stopped watching TV, drastically lowered my alcohol consumption, and started giving my body what it NEEDED.

One of the biggest hurdles was realizing it gets worse before it gets better.

So, I started to expect this and push through regardless of how little hope I had.

I learned that this was the result of my body getting ready for an amazing change.

This process wasn’t smooth or easy, but I kept at it no matter what for a could clearly envision what the future looked like for me.

I had to slowly break the bad habits and replace them with good ones in order to get there.

I woke up one day and it felt as if I took a pill like the one Bradley Cooper took in the movie Limitless.

I had finally lifted the fog.

It was the best I had ever felt and it is the reason why I will never go back to that state of health.

Over the past 6 years, I have put my head down and studied everything health in order to solve my brain fog problem as well as other health issues and attain the body and mind I have always wanted.

“As an entrepreneur, I rarely used to think about my health and fitness. I used to have low energy levels and productivity issues due to poor health and didn’t know the first place to start. After committing to the easy to follow strategies and guidance provided by Miles, I finally understand the real reasons my health was suffering and what steps to take. This improved all aspects of my life. It's an amazing feeling and has already made a difference in my business.”
Greg Jeffries
IMsource.org, Online Marketer/SEO Specialist
Although I know how important exercise and proper diet are, with my schedule I lacked the motivation to stick to either of them. Miles has helped me to stick to my exercise routine and diet. He is knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to and yet will hold you accountable. I recommend Miles for any of your exercise, diet and general health needs.
Michael Petrosky
CEO, V & M Enterprises
I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on health and nutrition and have always been able to stay fairly healthy and in shape. Then I started a new business that required all of my time. This lead to me sacrificing my health for the good of the business. I began to feel mentally and physically tired and out of shape and my business and happiness began to suffer greatly. In researching online, I stumbled across Hustle Healthy and took the course, Brain Bright. I quickly began getting my health back on track since I was given a clear plan that was easy to stick to. Now I am putting in place healthy, long-term habits.
Anya Zurn
Entrepreneur & Business Owner