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Consider yourself a writer?

Consider yourself an expert on a relevant topic?

Hustle healthy attracts entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to improve their health, fitness, productivity and overall efficiency in life and in business.

Writing one, or multiple posts for Hustle Healthy is a great way to spread your knowledge and your story.

Every guest writer gets their picture and bio published at the bottom of the article with one link to a relevant site. Your article will also be sent to the email list and posted on social.

We are happy to post your article as long as you provide awesome, real, and relevant information and present it in a clear and interesting way. You can tell your story or share your findings on an interesting topic that will benefit the readers. If your post is approved, it will be published on the site indefinitely.



  • Original content
  • Valuable and useful
  • Well-written and researched
  • Sources, quotes, data, and resources must be properly cited
  • Spell-check, grammar check and proofread (multiple times) before submitting
  • Between 1,500 – 2,500 words
  • Please use links and photos within your article (minimum 2 links and 2 photos). Make sure you have permission to use said photos
  • When writing, think about your tone and who the reader is (Busy entrepreneurs in need of health and fitness tips)

Before you start writing the article, feel free to email me your idea so I may provide you with some guidance before you begin writing.



Here are some topics I would love for you to write about.

Entrepreneurship, business, marketing, starting a business, health and fitness (anything as long as it is factual and informative), goals, visions, meditation, yoga, mental health, the grind, the hustle, side effects of being an entrepreneur, kettlebells, body weight exercises, book recommendations and reviews, how to’s, how to stay healthy as an entrepreneur.

You may also write about yourself and your journey if it is one we can learn from.

Once you are done with your article, you may submit it to: