Brain Fog & Mold (The Silent Killer)

Mold is everywhere. Always has been.


Mold Overview

The increases in air pollution and the way we run as a society is increasing the aggressiveness of the mold spores in the air.


They are getting into our homes and buildings. In fact, about half of buildings have some sort of water issue causing water to enter the building, sit, and create mold.


Mold spores, which is what you can see when mold forms in your shower, for example, are what spread the mold similar to how a dandelion flower would spread its seeds in the wind.


It can get just about anywhere and is not always easy to spot. Once it gets into your environment, it can get into your body and wreak havoc on your system, especially your brain.


Silent Killer

Not only can you not always see it or find it, mold also takes a very slow and stealthy approach to attacking your system.


Not a lot of people understand it’s severity and its prevalence, therefore not a lot of action is being taken to get rid of it.


Mycotoxins, which are chemicals that can’t be killed, can cause brain tissue inflammation and eventually kill you.


Mold may be one of the most underestimated causes of health issues today, especially brain fog.  


Moldy Food

 No doctor is going to tie your weak immune system, your brain fog, your fatigue, or your bowel issues to that moldy cup of coffee you have every morning or the moldy nuts you snack on every day.


Being aware of common moldy foods is imperative to staying healthy. Many foods in America are processed in a way that leaves them sitting for days and sometimes weeks or months in a damp environment.


The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations estimates that 25% of the world’s food crops are affected by mycotoxins, of which the most notorious are aflatoxins.


Brain Fog Mold

You seem fine from the outside, but on the inside and in your head, you know something is off and you are not happy with the way you feel.


This usually leads to most people just assuming it is allergies or simply a symptom of getting older. As it gets worse over the years, you start to have lower mental performance.


If you are unlucky, you may have something far more serious like depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety or any number of severe neurological problems.


Moral of the Story

Eliminate brain fog mold.

Since it is so untraceable, you need to always keep mold in mind as a possible culprit for your health issues. Get a mold test done in your house or apartment. 


You can buy DIY mold tests on Amazon or hire a professional to test your home for mold. I recommend doing this at least once a year to make sure levels are normal. Keep an eye out for moldy foods. 


The best place to start is with your coffee (if you are a coffee drinker). Bulletproof Coffee goes through a rigorous process to eliminate most mold from their beans, I recommend you stick with them. 


Assess your body and your environment for mold because no one else will. 



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Q. Have you ever done a mold test? What did you find?

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