In What Ways Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Although a sometimes controversial topic, marijuana has proven time and time again to have powerful healing properties.
Marijuana is known for having different actions on different people. You could use it by smoking or ingesting it using edible forms of pot. 
The THC chemical in marijuana is known for making a person feel high and can also aid in relieving pain and nausea.
Cannabidiol or CBD, on the other hand, is good for treating seizures, anxiety, and many other medical conditions. 
Its work is often to counteract the high caused by THC chemical.
You might have even heard that marijuana can cure cancer. The statement is not far-fetched as multiple doctors and researchers have presented studies to show how marijuana can deal with cancer symptoms. 
With the many marijuana dispensaries available today, you cannot miss a cancer patient using them.

Does Marijuana Cure Cancer?

This is going to be a common question among many cancer patients. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to the use of marijuana to treating cancer. 
Currently, there are a few researchers who have worked on the tests and the results of this research are inconclusive.
There have been several success stories that show cannabis compounds could come in handy in killing cancer cells. Rick Simpson is one of the pioneers of using cannabis to deal with cancer. 
He is a Canadian cannabis activist who used cannabis oil to treat his own skin cancer. After he saw it could be possible, he created a documentary to spread awareness.

Ways Cannabis Can Help Kill Cancer Cells

 Today, you can buy marijuana online and have it delivered to your home. Depending on the dispensary, a few things might be needed, but getting marijuana should not be a problem. 
You could use this marijuana for various conditions, but today we are talking about ways cannabis could help with killing cancer cells.
1 | Programmed Cell Death
The cancer cells are quite immortal if the right treatment is not used. Even the old cells might just find new life later on. The cells are also known for replicating faster so that the spread of cancer is also quick. 
After a while, the cancer cells often become immune to treatment and the normal body’s immune system.
It is time to put such cells through a process called programmed cell death. The process involves preventing the cancer cells from growing and dividing.
Several types of research carried out over the years show that the THC and CBD levels can trigger this process to start.
When you have the cancer cells stopped in their tracks, chances of combating them further become far greater. 
The results of similar studies have been consistent thus yielding hope of finding the best the cure for cancer.
2 | Antiproliferative
Some studies show that cannabis could come in handy to kill cancer cells by stopping proliferation. 
This is because cancer cells cannot die on their own, but rather keep on dividing and growing in number. 
This can eventually form a tumor that will interfere with the vital bodily functions.
The THC and CBD compounds in marijuana all come with the important anti-proliferative effects. 
The use of cannabinoid treatment has shown that it can prevent tumors from happening in rodents and cellular models.
3 | Antimetastatic
The cannabis compounds seem to have many properties important for dealing with cancer cells than most people know. 
Well, the compounds have shown that they also have anti-metastatic properties as well.
A cancer tumor will become metastatic when the cells break off from the tumor. When these cells break off, they will then travel in the bloodstream and take up new residence in various parts of the body.
The metastatic cancers are often extremely difficult to treat.
Multiple studies both in animal and cellular models have shown that CBD and THC compounds both have anti-metastatic properties. 
This means that cannabis can help prevent tumors from spreading from one body part to another.
4 | Antigiogenesis
Another way cannabis can kill cancer cells is through starvation. For the tumor to keep growing, then it needs to develop its own blood vessels. 
This is to help with siphoning oxygen and nutrients from the body part where it is attached. This process of the tumor developing blood vessels is referred as angiogenesis.
Based on the various preclinical cellular studies, there is enough evidence that THC and CBD can help prevent tumors from developing the blood vessels. 
When this happens, then theoretically it means that the tumors will not have any access to the essential nutrition. With no nutrition, then tumors will starve.

Can Cannabis Ease Cancer Symptoms?

 From the scientific perspective, there is no concrete answer to whether cannabis can cure cancer or not. 
Patients have been turning to marijuana to help them deal with cancer symptoms for quite some time now.
It is important that you are careful not to jump on the bandwagon. With the failure of scientific backing thus far, using cannabis to treat cancer should be used with caution.
Depending on your doctor and after several tests, you could get permission to use cannabis as a prescription medication. 
Such medications for cancer patients include Marinol and Nabilone. 
Even though they are synthetic cannabinoids, they are designed to mimic the functionality of THC. 
Many patients will use them to deal with nausea, lack of appetite, or vomiting.
It would be better to consult with your doctor before you can start using marijuana to treat yourself to deal with cancer-related symptoms.

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