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"Treat health as number one, without it everything else falls apart, and with it, everything becomes easier." - Tim Ferriss

What You Get Inside

Within the members area, you will be guided through a proven step by step process that easily fits into your schedule. You will learn how to streamline your health and fitness, build long-term healthy habits, hack your nutrition and improve your overall mental and physical health on so many levels.

Exercise Strategy

Nutritional Guidance

Community Support

"The most common struggle with attaining one’s health and fitness is finding time. Yes, entrepreneurs are busy, but shouldn’t that only mean that their health is that much more essential to remaining on top of their game and staying in momentum? "

Is this Society right for YOU?

Take a step back and look at your life from a far. How are things going? In your life, in your business, in your body, and in your mind.

Do you feel like you have a good grasp on where you stand and where you’re going? Or are you constantly stressed, overwhelmed and confused about what the next move is in order to gain and maintain momentum in your life? If you aren't completely satisfied, then you need to pay very close attention.




You are here for one of three reasons:

  1. You are a high performing Entrepreneur, that wants to achieve elite health, focus and fitness in order to take your business and your life to higher levels.
  2. You have health issues and want to heal yourself the right way (using nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and exercise).
  3. You are healthy, but always strive to educate yourself and continue to better your health.
    You are overwhelmed and confused by all the different ideologies, diets, supplements, and programs out there and want to know what the hell is going on and what you should do.




Health as an Entrepreneur

Being a human is a lot of work. We all have so many things going on throughout our day that we are trying to stay on top of.

As an entrepreneur, you’re really busy, I mean like, super-duper freaking busy. It’s almost like there should be another word for it. Let me know if you think of one...

We as entrepreneurs need to start taking better care of our health if we want to keep growing. I have seen way to many entrepreneurs hit a wall and lose all of their momentum due to their lack of health. Sometimes this is just due to lower levels of energy that keep them from being consistent in one aspect of their business. This then snowballs out of control and leads to an unhealthy business.

Since we are our business, we must stay healthy to keep things up and to the right. When we get sick, tired or unhappy, our business suffers.




I love to “hustle.”

My definition of Hustle:

"Completely immersing yourself in your passion to the point where it kind of hurts a little."


But, with most things in life, if you start moving away from balance, bad things start to happen and it begins to show up in your work. Your productivity lessens, your mind wanders, your creativity and memory start to fade, your energy level crash, you get irritable and lose all motivation to take care of your health.

I experienced this first hand and thought to myself, there had to be a way to do a healthy balance of hustling and being healthy that would keep me and my business in the right direction.

Like me, you probably want to take care of my mind and your body so you can look good, feel good, perform at high levels and not fall victim to the increasing number of chronic diseases and illnesses that are arising left and right.

The Hustle Health Society provides you with just that by guiding you to elite health, focus and fitness. without the 




Health & Fitness can Be a Moving Target

Not only can it be challenging to stay healthy and fit as an entrepreneur, but it can also work against you even when you decide to take care of yourself.

Health and fitness can be a moving target. New studies seem to come out almost every day completely contradicting what you thought to be true.

This can be frustrating and leave you hopeless and unhealthy. But, why not tap into a resource that sorts that stuff out for you on a regular basis? Tap into the society on a monthly basis and avoid overwhelm and confusion.




Being An Entrepreneur is a Huge Responsibility

Most of us are born this way and thrive off feeding our entrepreneurial spirit. One of two things typically happens.

We realize what we are, accept it, learn how to control it, and channel it into life changing or world changing businesses.


We can’t handle the chaos in our minds, askew our priorities, lose control, and go down a very dark, lonely, damaging, and unhealthy road.

I have seen this first hand and it is not pretty.




Inside the society

  • We will first learn your body. We are all so different, so there is no universal diet or exercise plan.
  • You will then quickly and easily learn the basics of nutrition and exercise in order to start incorporating little things into your daily routine that add up to make a big different.
  • You will begin to build long-term, healthy habits that will start to heal your body and your mind back to health while seeing the profound affects it has on our business as well as every other aspect of your life.
  • Society, we break up the skills you need into easy to digest lessons. We use easy to understand language as well as occasional assignments and challenges so you can implement what you learn right away and keep track of your progress.

I realize that you have little time to dedicate to learning this stuff, so we will get right to the point without the fluff. All of the information inside comes from doctors, health professionals, personal trainers, nutritionists and other entrepreneurs.

Most of the information is presented by me, an entrepreneur, not a doctor or health professional. I will understand a lot of what you are struggling with and will be able to speak to it. Everything that is asked of you is time-efficient and realistic.  




Think of it as a tree

  • We start by clearing and prepping the dirt where we are going to plant the tree. We will go ahead and wipe the slate clean by forgetting most, if not all of what we know. We are bombarded by new and misleading information all day, every day. A small percentage of it is actually useful. Let's go ahead and start from scratch.
  • Next, we plant the seeds and water them. The roots begin to grow deeper and deeper. You will learn the very basic components you will need in order to have success. This includes your compelling why, and what the industry is doing to make money off you ill-health and how to avoid it.
  • Next, we start to get into the trunk now that we have a strong foundation of rooted knowledge. Here you are introduced to the 4 main categories that this entire society is based around: 



  • Once we cover the basics, we move up the branches. This is where take a deeper dive into the main skills that you need to know within each branch. Within each branch are things like meditation, sleep, habits, routines, hydration, supplementation and so on.
  • Once those are in place, we can move further out into the leaves. This is where we go from GOOD health to ELITE health.



Access to new lessons every month

  • These lessons will be presented in both video and text so you may choose your preferred form of consumption.
  • Each month we will cover a new and important topic(s) that is relevant to your health as an entrepreneur.
  • We will give you actionable tasks (not too much too fast) and insights so you can take what you've learned a apply it to your life immediately.
  • Occasionally these lessons will have assignments that you should complete and add to a folder. You will need to refer back to them and make changes.
  • Each topic is presented in a strategic order to get you the quickest results while also ensuring you see long-term results.
  • Things start off easy and get progressively more challenging.
  • Each month will only require about 10-20 minutes of your time to consume the information.


“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”

Nutritional Guidance

  • We will teach you what to eat, what not to eat, how to eat, and how to experiment with your diet in order to learn your body. Knowing your body is something people rarely take the time to do, but is essential to success.
  • Throughout your path inside the society, we will keep you on track by giving you nutritional guidance as well as new healthy ideas to keep things interesting and efficient.
  • We give you a flexible"meal plan," that allows you to create your own meals based on your specific needs, tastes and mood for that week. This enables you to create meals that you enjoy and results in long-term habits as opposed to following a strict meal plan to the "T" for a month or so and then resorting to your old ways. This model has shown FAR better results with other members.

"Young people lose their health to get wealth, older people use their wealth to get back their health."


  • Our coaches have created an incremental increase in exercise knowledge that strategically guides you from wherever you are physically, to where you need to be to perform at elite levels, relieve pain, and maintain mobility.
  • We start off easy and gradually increase the intensity.
  • Everything we teach you can be done outside of the gym with minimal equipment.
  • We will also cover workouts in the gym as well if this is something you want to learn more about.

"Your brain is your most powerful tool, keep it sharp and use it to achieve amazing things."


  • You will be a part of an expanding community of high performance entrepreneurs. Not only do we push each other and hold each other accountable in our health, but we also provide feedback and resources for our business pursuits as well.
  • In my personal opinion, this is the most important part. When you get involved within an intimate community of like-minded people that share similar goals, you dramatically increase your chances for long-term success.
  • Having an accountability partner(s) is something we will cover and will dramatically increase your results.
  • Myself and our coaches will be very active within the community to answer any questions you may have.

"Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted."

Access to me

  • You will have access to my personal email. I want to help as much as I can.
  • Reach out any time with question, concerns, or just to tell me how much more energy you have after the first couple weeks.

Achieve Elite Performance In These Key Areas

A recent study came out that said "Less Than 3 Percent of Americans Live a Healthy Lifestyle"

Part of our goal is to get you into the top 1% of healthy Americans. Believe it or not, it is not as hard to achieve as you probably think.

Pricing Options

The first month is completely FREE. You can become a member at any time and pay monthly or yearly. You will not have full access to the community until you become a paying member. Cancel at any time!


  • Get started with your first month for free, no credit card required.
  • You will not have full access to the community until you are a paying member.



  • Hit the group running with full access to the society and the community.
  • Pay monthly and cancel anytime.



  • Pay only $19 per month by showing your commitment.
  • Pay $228 yearly and save $120!

What Other Entrepreneurs are Saying

"“As an entrepreneur, I rarely used to think about my health and fitness. I used to have low energy levels and productivity issues due to poor health and didn’t know the first place to start. After committing to the easy to follow strategies and guidance provided by my Hustle Healthy coach, I finally understand the science behind losing unhealthy fat, gaining muscle, and improving all aspects of my health. It is an amazing feeling and has already made a difference in my business.”"

Greg Jeffries, Online Marketer/SEO Specialist

"Although I know how important exercise and proper diet are, with my schedule I lacked the motivation to stick to either of them. Miles has helped me to stick to my exercise routine and diet. He is knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to and yet will hold you accountable. I recommend Miles for any of your exercise, diet and general health needs."

Michael Petrosky
CEO, V & M Enterprises

"I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on health and nutrition and have always been able to stay fairly healthy and in shape. Then I ramped up a new business that required all of my time. This lead to my sacrificing my health for the good of the business. I began to feel mentally and physically tired and out of shape and my business and happiness began to suffer greatly. In researching online, I stumbled across Huslte Healthy and gave the Society a try. I quickly began getting my health back on track since I was given a clear plan that was easy to stick to. Now I am putting in place healthy, long-term habits."

Anya Zurn
Entrepreneur & Partner, LEVEL Engineering & Inspections


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